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About Kustom Kitties Canada

Greetings! I'm Quinn, the driving force behind Kustom Kitties Canada. Contrary to our name's feline hint, our journey has gracefully sidestepped the cat realm. Initially, I set out to revolutionize custom cat furniture, blending quality with affordability. However, life had a plot twist in store.
The pivotal moment struck in 2021 when my son entered the world prematurely, amplifying the challenge with the backdrop of a pandemic. Navigating the emotional turbulence, I sought solace in the therapeutic world of woodworking.
What began as an endeavour to carve out custom cat havens transformed into something unexpectedly beautiful. I found myself immersed in the creation of toys – simple, elegant, and infused with heartfelt dedication. These handcrafted marvels garnered attention organically, reshaping Kustom Kitties Canada into a haven for bespoke wood toys, furniture, and distinctive woodworking pieces.

Beyond the workshop's buzz, my professional roots delve into the realm of special education, complemented by my ongoing pursuit of a Master's in Educational Psychology. Kustom Kitties Canada isn't just a brand; it's a celebration of the artistry inherent in handcrafted woodwork. Each piece narrates a story, a testament to resilience, creativity, and the sheer joy embedded in craftsmanship.

Welcome to Kustom Kitties Canada, where every creation embodies the essence of our journey – one marked by unexpected turns, unwavering resilience, and the boundless joy found in the craftsmanship of life.